We rent canoes, rowboats, paddle boards and kayaks. You can call to reserve one or let us know upon arrival.

Rowboats:           $80/week; $15/day
Canoes:                 $80/week; $15/day
Kayaks:                 $80/week; $15/day
Paddle Boards:   $30/week;  $5/day

Boat Policy:

If you are planning on bringing a boat we have mooring buoys for your convenience. Additional anchorage is recommended. You may tie your boat up to the dock during the day while you are on the premises, weather permitting. At night you must moor your boat to prevent boat and dock damage should the wind pick up. We are not liable for any damage to your boat, whether you are using our mooring buoy system, or otherwise.

We do not allow jet skis at Wandawood.