During the peak season (Jun 23rd – Aug 25th, 2018), Wandawood offers weekly rentals (Saturday to Saturday).  
During the shoulder seasons, nightly and weekly rentals are available at discounted rates (two night minimum required; 3 night minimum over holiday weekends).

CottageWeekly Rate*10% Discounted Weekly Rate**20% Discounted Weekly RateDaily Rate*10% Discounted Daily Rate**20% Discounted Daily Rate
Brownie, per 6 occupants (max. of 9)$1,400
Cheerio, per 4 occupants (max. of 8)$950$855$760$190$171$152
Fancy Free, per 4 occupants (max. of 6)$1,200$1.080$960$240$216$192
Oak Leaf, per 14 occupants (max. of 14)$4,345$3,911$3,476$869$782$695
Orchardside, per 4 occupants (max. of 7)$950$855$760$190$171$152
Pioneer, per 6 occupants (max. of 10)$1,650$1,485$1,320$330$297$264
Postscript, per 6 occupants (max. of 10)$1,100$990$880$220$198$176
Rambler North, per 4 occupants (max. of 9)$1,200$1080$960$240$216$192
Rambler South, per 4 occupants (max. of 6)$975$878$780$195$176$156
Vagabond North, per 6 occupants (max. of 10)$ 1300$1170$1,040$260$234$208
Vagabond South, per 4 occupants (max. of 6)$975$878$780$195$176$156
Venture North, per 4 occupants (max. of 4)$895$806$716$179$161$143
Venture South, per 4 occupants (max. of 4)$895$806$716$179$161$143
Wandawood Hall, per 10 occupants (max. of 18)$3,900$3510$3120$780$702$624
Pilgrim, per 16 occupants (max. of 16)$4900$4410$3920$980$882$784

*10% off: (Jun 2nd – 23rd, 2018 and Aug 25th – Sep 1st, 2018 excluding Labor Day weekend).

**20% off: (May-June 2nd, 2018 excluding Memorial weekend, and after Labor Day until the resort closing date in mid-October).

Rates published above are for the listed number of occupants per cabin. Add $40/week per additional person up to the maximum. Rates above do not include Michigan state sales tax of 6%, which will be added to your total.